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22" Strand, 2.5x3mm Block Coral (Spiny Oyster) HESHI Beads  
22" Strand, 2.5x3mm Block Coral (Spiny Oyster) HESHI Beads
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SIZE: 2.5mm wide x 3mm long (approx.)
STONE: Red Coral, Block (Simulated)
SHAPE: Heshi, Tube
PACKAGE: 1 Strand (approx. 22 inches)

  CORAL: is among the most ancient of gemstone materials. It is not actually a stone, but rather the calcified structures of once living tiny marine animals called polyps, whose habitat resembles tree branches. Coral ranges in color from white to red, with a Moh’s Scale hardness of 3.86. Coral is found in sea beds ranging from 20 to 1,000 feet in depth, and is becoming increasing more valuable and harder to find as our reefs begin to shrink due to pollution and overuse. Coral is said to be good for helping to settling the restlessness within. Such as tempers, rages, and compulsive disorders. Helps to balance and center. Also said to protect against depression and despondency. Provides protection and guards against violence, accidents and theft. Calms emotions and restores harmony. Helps with fever, colds, Asthma and digestive problems.

"Block" is the general term used to describe either a reconstituted or man-made reproduction which may or may not contain any natural minerals or organic partials. The reference to "block" more often describes the process whereby a mixture of resins and dyes are combined to produce a loaf sized block suitable for carving small heshi beads and intricate pieces for inlay work.


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