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10x18mm Block Azurite-Malachite STANDING HORSE Animal Fetish Beads  
10x18mm Block Azurite-Malachite STANDING HORSE Animal Fetish Beads
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SIZE: 10x18mm (approx.)
DRILLED: back to belly
STONE: Azurite & Malachite, Block (Simulated)
SHAPE: Horse
PACKAGE: 1 Pair (2 Beads)

 AZURITE & MALACHITE: are both carbonate minerals of copper. Sharing simular properties, they are often found together; Azurite being an intense deep blue while Malachite shows a banding of both light and dark green. The combination of the these vibrant colored minerals result in a stone unlike any other, splashes of blue against a swirled green background.

From Malachite comes natural healing. It speaks of ancient wisdom, telling us to listen to ourselves in order to be free of diseases. Azurite is the inspirational side of this union, inspiring us to listen to ourselves and discover our special individual talents.

"Block" Gemstone is the general term used to describe either a reconstituted or man-made reproduction which may or may not contain any natural minerals or gemstone partials. The reference to "block" more often describes the process whereby a mixture of resins and dyes are combined to produce a loaf sized block suitable for carving small heshi beads and intricate pieces for inlay work.

Friendship, Freedom, Power & Adventure

[ More about HORSE... ]

*Information regarding gemstone lore and metaphysical properties has been compiled from various sources and is for entertainment purposes only. No claims or promises are expressed or implied.*


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