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12x27mm Hematite (Hematine) CLAW Pendant/Focal Bead  
Product ID: HEM-CLAW-27
12x27mm Hematite (Hematine) CLAW Pendant/Focal Bead
In Stock: 0

SIZE: 12x17mm (approx.)
DRILLED: Front to Back, at Top
STONE: Hematine (Reconstituted)
SHAPE: Claw, Talon
PACKAGE: 1 Piece

 HEMATINE: (also "Hemalyke" or "Hemalike") is the reconstituted version of Hematite. Hematine is widely used in jewelry because pure mineral Hematite is fragile and brittle. It is made of ground Hematite or iron oxide mixed with a binder or resin. It is identical to Hematite in appearance and weight, except more stable and wearer friendly. Hematine is sometimes magnetized to further simulate the properties of raw mineral Hematite.

Since Iron is associated with blood, Hematine is said to aid in the treatment of blood-related illnesses such as hemophilia, anemia, heart, kidney and liver diseases, cardio-vascular weakness, menstrual cramps, and nose bleeds. Hematite was also used by Native Americans to remedy dental problems, pimples, canker sores and alcohol abuse. Because of its magnetic properties, it is also said to help with muscle spasms, joint pain and arthritis. Hematite is also credited with the ability to clear the mind, improve memory, mental focus and concentration, bolster self-confidence, and promote logical thinking.

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*Information regarding gemstone lore and metaphysical properties has been compiled from various sources and is for entertainment purposes only. No claims or promises are expressed or implied.*


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