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10x25mm Block Amber GECKO/LIZARD Animal Fetish Bead  
Product ID: FM-AM-LIZ
10x25mm Block Amber GECKO/LIZARD Animal Fetish Bead
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SIZE: 10x25mm (approx.)
DRILLED: back to belly

STONE: Amber, Block (Simulated)
SHAPE: Gecko, Lizard

 AMBER: begins as a sticky resin that flows from pine trees and, through a process of heat and pressure, becomes fossilized over time. Small insects, plant material, feathers, dirt and other small objects in the path of the flow often became encased within the Amber stone. Amber increases in value with the rarity and perfection of the entrapped object. Amber can range in color from dark brown to a light almost clear lemon yellow, and is sometimes color enhanced through heat treatments finishing the process that nature began.

"Block" Gemstone is the general term used to describe either a reconstituted or man-made reproduction which may or may not contain any natural minerals or gemstone partials. The reference to "block" more often describes the process whereby a mixture of resins and dyes are combined to produce a loaf sized block suitable for carving small heshi beads and intricate pieces for inlay work.

The gemstone Amber is one of the birthstones listed for the Sun Sign of Taurus. Other properties said to be attributed to Amber include love, strength, luck, healing, protection, calming for hyperactivity and stressed nerves. Also credited for being helpful in finding humor and joy. Legend says that Amber was believed to provide magicians and sorcerers with special enhanced powers. Some believe it to also be beneficial in removing energy blockages and strengthening the physical body as well as enhancing altered states of consciousness.

*Information regarding gemstone lore and metaphysical properties has been compiled from various sources and is for entertainment purposes only. No claims or promises are expressed or implied.*


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