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22" Strand, 2.5x3mm Block Green Variscite (Simulated) HESHI Beads  
Product ID: BVRCT-HESHI-2.5
22" Strand, 2.5x3mm Block Green Variscite (Simulated) HESHI Beads
In Stock: 2

SIZE: 2.5mm wide x 3mm long (approx.)
STONE: Variscite Block (Simulated)
SHAPE: Heshi, Tube
PACKAGE: 1 Strand (approx. 22 inches)

  VARISCITE: is a relatively rare phosphate mineral that appears similar to Chrysocolla and TurquoiseVariscite derived its name from Variscia, the historical name of Vogtland in Germany where it was first described in 1837. At times it had also been referred to as Utahlite, named for the two major mines in Utah where deposits have since been nearly exhausted. Variscite is said to help with intuition and memory, particularly as it relates to past lives. It is also claimed to balance the central nervous system and ease depression, fear, worry, anxiety and impatience. It is attributed to helping one obtain virtue, self-reliance, moral courage and success.

"Block" Gemstone is the general term used to describe either a reconstituted or man-made reproduction which may or may not contain any natural byproduct or gemstone partials. The reference to "block" more often describes the process whereby a mixture of resins and dyes are combined to produce a loaf sized block suitable for carving small heshi beads and intricate pieces for inlay work.

Price: $4.20


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