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DB0217: 11/o MIYUKI DELICAS - Opaque Turquoise Luster

Delica Beads

Over 300 Colors!

Beads & Craft Supplies

Size 15/o Japanese Hex Cut Beads



Our Japanese glass 15/o Hex Beads are similar to Delica Beads, except they're only half the size. They also have 6 sides, which creates sparkle when catching the light like other 'cut' glass beads. They are cylindrical in shape, have very thin walls and large holes for their size. Like Delica Beads, they look wonderful in loomwork, peyote stitch and brick stitch, and give the appearance of little tiles when finished.

**While similar, these beads are not as uniform in size as the more expensive 15/0 Miyuki Delicas and may not mix well with them.

Hex beads are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. Some of the colors and finishes in our bead inventory are from old stock (prior to 1995) and are no longer being produced. Quantities are extremely limited and may not be available for reorder. 

Loose beads in zipper bags, packaged by weight in grams ("gm"). There are approximately 250 beads in 1 gram. For a quick overview of all our 15/o Hex Bead colors, please refer to our COLOR CHART or narrow your search with the links provided below.



**Bead colors may vary slightly from photos depending on monitor settings**








15/o HEX BEADS: White Pearl

 Transparent, White & Ivory

15/o HEX BEADS: Bright Lavender

 Fuchsia & Purple

15/o HEX BEADS: Light Green Luster  Green 15/o HEX BEADS: Orange Luster


15/o HEX BEADS: Opaque Cream

 Tan & Beige

15/o HEX BEADS: Opaque Turquoise Blue


15/o HEX BEADS: Butter Yellow Painted  Yellow 15/o HEX BEADS: Trans. Topaz

Brown & Gold

15/o HEX BEADS: Hot Pink

 Pink, Peach & Rose

15/o HEX BEADS: Turquoise Green

 Turquoise, Aqua & Teal

15/o HEX BEADS: Trans. Dk. Sunflower Lined  Orange 15/o HEX BEADS: Met. Dk. Charcoal Matte

Grey, Silver & Black






















15/o HEX BEADS: Light Green

 Opaque 15/o HEX BEADS: Dk. Peachy Pink Painted  Painted (Dyed) 15/o HEX BEADS: Metallic Bright Gold  Metallic & Galvanized 15/o HEX BEADS: Trans. Topaz, Met. Gold Lined  Gold Lined
15/o HEX BEADS: Trans. Lt. Turquoise Blue  Transparent & Translucent 15/o HEX BEADS: White Pearl  Luster & Pearl (Ceylon) 15/o HEX BEADS: Trans. Pink Lined  Color Lined    
15/o HEX BEADS: Pearl Grey Satin  Matte, Frost, Satin 15/o HEX BEADS: Trans. Royal Blue Irid. Matte  Iridescent, Rainbow, (A/B) 15/o HEX BEADS: Trans. Yellow S/L  Silver Lined