Luck, Wisdom, Strength, Power & Longevity

ELEPHANT is the largest land animal and among the longest lived, his life span reaching 60 years or more. As Elephant attains old age, he gains with it, wisdom. Elephant is highly intelligent and respected by many cultures. Because his eyesight is restricted to whatís in front of him, he must rely on his keen hearing and sense of smell and touch to compensate for his lack of peripheral vision. Elephant reminds us that while we focus ahead towards the future, we must also remain vigilant and aware of whatís going on around us in the present.

Elephant is fiercely loyal and protective, willing to risk itís own life to challenge a threat to itís family. He has been known to grieve, even shed tears like humans, at the loss of a fallen loved one. They have exceptional memories, and when mistreated, have been known to single out their persecutor and seek revenge.

Among Hindus and Buddhists, the Elephant is a sacred animal closely connected with their Deities, Buddha and Ganesh. The Hindu Deity Ganesh is believed to be "the remover of obstacles" and is represented with the head of an Elephant. It is also said that Buddha chose the White Elephant as one of his many incarnations. White Elephants are so rare that their appearance is still considered a phenomenon of the Gods till this very day.

The Elephant is also considered a strong symbol of luck. Many people from different cultures keep a lucky Elephant at their door or in their home to protect all who live there and to stimulate good fortune.


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